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Our classes and our groups run all year round. Adult courses run from 24 - 30 sessions depending on the program and the teen courses run for 20 lessons. Please note it's not mandatory to see an individual clinician at The Centre, however you'll need to also be in individual therapy to attend the skills classes. The Centre will provide skills coaching sessions if your individual therapist is not trained in standard DBT or Radically Open DBT. 

Radically Open DBT Classes

Adult RO DBT classes

2hrs | 12 - 2pm


Adult RO DBT online class

1.5hr | 6 - 730pm 


Teen RO DBT classes

1hr |TBD


Teen RO DBT online class

1hr | 5-6pm


Parent/Carer/Partner RO DBT class

1hr | 12-1pm  


Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Groups

Adult DBT group 

2hrs | TBD


Teen DBT group

1hr | TBD


Stay tuned for additional courses to be offered:

  • RO DBT Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Course 

  • DBT Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Course 

  • RO DBT for Eating Disorders Adult Class

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