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The Centre for RO DBT and DBT came from the joint partnership of the directors Rebecca Ciatto and Tanya Franic. The Centre will be the first outpatient setting in Sydney to provide the full RO DBT and DBT treatment models to adults, teens and families. Tanya and Rebecca met at the RO DBT intensive in February 2020. During the COVID pandemic, the RO tribe of Sydney started to grow and Tanya and Rebecca started collaborating to build the RO DBT presence in Sydney and Australia. They soon connected over shared life experiences and valued goals as mums, daughters and clinicians. They decided to join forces to create a team that treats disorders of over-control and under-control. They have an intrinsic belief that early intervention is key and are passionate about delivering a model that helps all individuals under one organisation. They believe that while the two treatments of RO DBT and DBT are very different there are benefits to understanding both and creating a plan that best fits the individual coming for treatment. Tanya and Rebecca are excited with the possibilities of The Centre and are eager to start helping individuals build a life worth living and a life worth sharing.

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