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"All people at any given moment are doing the best they can"



Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) Program

The Centre provides the original DIalectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) framework researched and written by Marsha Linehan, PhD. While the treatment was originally developed for nonsuicidal self-injury in individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder it has evolved to treat a range of populations, treatment modalities and disorders. Rebecca Ciatto, a director at The Centre is a certified DBT clinician through Linehan Board of Certification. Most of the clinicians have completed foundational or intensive DBT training. The DBT program will have all four modes of treatment including individual therapy, group therapy, phone coaching and team consultation.

Individuals may benefit from the DBT program if they have:

  • Issues with chaotic relationships or friendships

  • Suicidal ideation or self harming behaviours

  • Impulsive behaviours or engage in risk behaviours

  • Problems maintaining work or study

  • Intense emotions and struggle to regulate them

DBT clinicians understand that everyone is doing their best and works with the individual to build a life worth living. The DBT skills group is divided into four main modules mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. The adolescent DBT treatment developed by Jill Rathus and Alec Miller includes the four main modules, plus the middle path module. The DBT skills will help teach mindfulness, emotion regulation, the middle path, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.

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